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Director of Talent Acquisition

Christopher Deane leads the organization’s talent acquisition team. Chris has more than 15 years of experience supporting organizations in developing successful recruitment and talent acquisition strategies.

Chris started his recruiting journey with Robert Half International and worked for eight years spanning three different markets in Virginia and North Carolina. He managed large teams and as many as eight separate verticals at any given time. After a successful career at one of the largest publicly held firms in the industry, he went into business on his own for almost two years before landing a position with Vaco back in the Hampton Roads area. In this role, Chris was responsible for all managerial aspects of a growing an up-and-coming LLC’s recruiting practices here locally including building out teams to recruit/staff in the areas of accounting & finance, technology, and general administration. After six years with Vaco, and having ample opportunities to partner with Groundworks, he joined their private equity-backed organization and worked for just shy of two years as Director of Talent Acquisition. During his two-year stint with Groundworks there were several successes including increasing both employee headcount & revenue by more than 50%.

Chris is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a degree in Economics.