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Community Development

Providencia assists vulnerable communities by referring them to federal, state, and local resources to help them overcome complex challenges and thrive.

Our professional Community Builders and Community Liaisons are embedded within the historically underrepresented communities they serve, including immigrant and refugee communities, communities of color, and communities of seniors, youth, veterans, and people with disabilities. They have a deep understanding of the complex social, mental, healthcare, workforce, and life skill challenges these vulnerable populations face and are experienced in developing training, coaching, and community engagement strategies to overcome them. We leverage the deep expertise of our professionals to pinpoint the unique needs and concerns of those they support and effectively collaborate with community and government leaders at all levels to identify mutually beneficial solutions. We also collaborate with non-governmental organizations, faith-based groups, and voluntary organizations to advance client objectives at the grassroots level.

Our Community Development capabilities include:

  • Capacity Building & Resilience
  • Community Liaisons
  • Community Leadership Development
  • Connecting At-risk Community Members with Resources/Government Assistance
  • Developing and Advising on Outreach Strategies
  • Participating in and Convening Community Focus Groups
  • Survey Coordination/Collection