Who We Are

At Providencia we leverage the power of technology and digital transformation to deliver impactful solutions that improve lives and address the global challenges of today and tomorrow.

We are problem solvers partnering with government agencies, service organizations, and external stakeholder groups to address many of today’s most complex challenges. At Providencia we operate at the confluence of experience, innovation, and purpose to design, develop, and implement integrated, scalable, and highly impactful programs. Our world-class team of technologists, program managers, and subject matter experts is uniquely qualified to address ever-evolving, large-scale challenges. In an imperfect world, Providencia puts capability and purpose into action.

Kevin Bearden, CEO

Chief Executive Officer

A Message From Our CEO

At Providencia we are focused on positively impacting the communities where we operate, the lives of vulnerable and underserved populations around the world, and the health of our planet. We take on big challenges and are focused on delivering big results.

Through the integration of cutting-edge technologies, large-scale program management, and advanced logistics capabilities, our team of compassionate, dedicated professionals deliver humanitarian and human service solutions while also addressing today’s global challenges.

At Providencia we actively imagine a better future, innovate new ways to make it a reality, and implement solutions delivering lasting impact.


Vice President of Human Resources


Vice President of Business Development